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over 8 years ago

Welcome to the Spiceworks Breakthrough App Challenge

This is your chance to build the next breakthrough app on the world's largest IT platform and have your app reviewed by Spiceworks' founders and investors. Winning apps will take home $65K worth of cash prizes and trips to Spiceworks' annual users conference in Austin, and bask in recognition by the Spiceworks IT Community, home to 6 million IT pros worldwide.

First, a couple of things to help get you started:

  1. If you don't already have a Spiceworks account, make sure you sign up at
  2. Download the Spiceworks Developer Edition.
  3. Check out the IT App Challenge group on Spiceworks to read about the last news about the APIs, interact with SpiceHeads, share tips/tricks with other Spiceworks IT App developers, and chat with the team building the Spiceworks App Center and APIs.